A rare bit of musical satire. Strike Up The Band set for Upstairs at the Gatehouse

Director Mark Giesser returns to London’s Upstairs at the Gatehouse with George and Ira Gershwin’s madcap musical of love, war and cheese, Strike Up The Band.

Take one sparkling George Kaufman plot featuring a scheming cheese factory owner eager to destroy his rivals, a pliable Presidential advisor, a snooping newspaperman, a couple of spies and three complicated romances.

Wrap everything up in delightful Gershwin tunes. The result? A joyous romp through the ultimate American business dream of the 1920s.

Ira and George Gershwin at work in the early 1930s.

In 1927, Horace J. Fletcher is a typical self-made American businessman.

His cheese factory dominates the market, he influences the White House, and he’s secured his business future by agreeing to marry his daughter, Joan, to his factory manager.

He does have one problem. Switzerland has the audacity to protest America’s heavy new tariff on imported cheese.

Fletcher convinces the US government to declare war, backing it with his bucks. Jim Townsend, a newspaperman, suspects all may not be wholesome, but he and Joan fall for each other.

Will making the world safe for American cheese be more than just a walk in the Alps?

Director and producer Mark Giesser has written, directed and produced extensively in both Off-Broadway and London Fringe venues. Recent productions include his adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s classic short story The Lady With A Dog.

Strike Up The Band runs Upstairs at the Gatehouse from March 6 – 31.

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