Adolf in the house with Big Brother Blitzkrieg

Big Brother Blitzkrieg.

Who wants heavy, intense drama straight after Christmas? Enjoy a post festive comedy with the absurd notion of Hitler being a Big Brother contestant.

Bitter Pill Theatre presents its Edinburgh hit Big Brother Blitzkrieg at the King’s Head Theatre this January.

After a botched suicide attempt, Adolf Hitler awakes to find himself in the Big Brother House. Confused (and wouldn’t we all be?) by his situation and surrounded by some of the most loathsome individuals he’s ever met, he struggles to come to terms with the world of reality television.

Join Adolf on the journey of a lifetime as he makes friends, faces demons and finds his true voice. But will he win over the hearts and minds of the viewers in the process?

Writers and directors Hew Rous Eyre & Max Elton said: “Big Brother Blitzkrieg is a response to anti-politics and celebrity worship.

“Considering relative extremists like Donald Trump and his successful penetration of the political mainstream, perhaps we’ve not advanced as much as we think we have. We live in an era of fame, hashtags and Boris Johnson so let’s not get complacent.”

Big Brother Blitzkrieg runs at the King’s Head, Islington, from January 14-30.

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