Ahoy there! Moby Dick makes waves at Jack Studio Theatre

“Man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke.”

So it Goes is staging Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, adapted and directed by Douglas Baker, at the Jack Studio Theatre, in South London, this October.

Ishmael loses faith in civilisation and voyages to oceans to hunt the elusive white whale. But once the killing starts, he comprehends the scale of man’s misdeeds.

Melville’s novel is transformed into a multimedia mock-fable that celebrates and decries the human spirit in equal measure.

It’s not difficult to see the birth of modern capitalism in the pages of Moby Dick by the way Captain Ahab manipulates the crew for money, the destruction of the natural world and the indifference towards human life over profit .

Moby Dick is unparalleled in literature and its meaning can be as elusive and symbolic as the white whale it self.

So it Goes Theatre brings Moby Dick to life with immersive video design, dynamic choreography and contemporary sea -shanties.

The theatre company is a small troupe with big ideas. Their work rebuilds and modernises classic texts with untethered fun and invention.

Moby Dick runs at the Brockley Jack from October 8 – 26.

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