Fearful Edward Bond warns of apocalypse in premiere of Dea


One of Britain’s most controversial dramatists bares his teeth and returns to the stage with a familiar theme. Still angry and fearful, Edward Bond, the tyrant of English theatre, directs his own hard-hittting drama Dea at Sutton Theatres next May.

Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology and Jacobean tragedies, Dea paints a vivid picture of the collapse of our society.

Bond is widely regarded as the UK’s greatest and most influential playwright. He is the author of more than 50 plays, among them Saved, the 1965 production which was at the forefront in the abolition of theatre censorship in the UK.

His other plays include The Pope’s Wedding (Royal Court Theatre, 1962), Early Morning (Royal Court, 1968), Lear (Royal Court, 1971), The Sea (Royal Court, 1973), The Fool (Royal Court, 1975), The Woman (National Theatre, 1978), Restoration (Royal Court, 1981) and The War Plays (RSC at the Barbican Pit, 1985).

Edward Bond on his new play: “In the coming days we will be tested as never before. Our weapons are now so powerful we cannot win wars as we did in the past. The defeated will simply recover and press the button.

“The boundaries between countries and people are broken. We must learn to live together or it is certain we will die together.

“Like great societies of the past we have outgrown our situation in the world. We will be tested every day, and it may come to seem every moment.

“The media is heard everywhere but its hubbub drowns the truth. Can drama show us our situation and what strengths we have to survive in it? If it cant, nothing can. We will be tested.”

Director of Sutton Theatres Beri Juraic said: “Edward was one of the key people who supported us in saving theatres in Sutton and, at the end of our first year here, we are very pleased to be presenting the world premiere of his new play.

“When I first read Dea, I immediately knew it is one of those rare plays which describe our society so vividly. It is that sense of urgency which is the backbone of our artistic programming.”

Dea will play at the Sutton Theatres’ venue, The Secombe Theatre, from May 24-June 11.

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