Jest A Story as Payne & Pearce open new Clapham Fringe fest

Payne and Pearce in Jest A Story

Panto legends Payne & Pearce are set to open the new Clapham Fringe fest next month with their new and hilarious stage show. Expect chaos, jesters, princesses and tons of giggles in a comedy aimed at families. There’s even a dragon called Dizzy!

Jest a Story, written, produced and directed by Ant Payne and Robert Pearce will star the jokers alongside Lucy Reed.

Payne and Pearce

Along with Sir Dizzy the Dragon, Silly Billy and Silly Willy (now you know what to expect) must be the best jesters they can be and tell Princess Petula a story that will cheer her up.

The only problem is that Billy and Willy don’t know any stories. It looks like they’ll need your help to find the perfect plot, as they go on an adventure that could lead them anywhere.

Could there be water pistols? Could there be custard pies? Could there be classic comedy routines? Could they be making it all up as they go along? It’s anyone’s guess. Anything’s possible from these panto favourites.

Don’t panic though, Payne and Pearce are master story tellers and will bring their usual anarchic charm to whatever story Billy and Willy come up with.

Stories don’t get told in quite the same way with Ant and Robert around and, as always, every story has an important moral message: don’t eat someone else’s porridge, or ask permission before you grow a beanstalk up to someone’s front door…

Jest a Story is on at the family-friendly time of 5pm, September 7-10 at Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham.

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