Open a bottle. Sideways brings its heady bouquet to St James Theatre


Sideways, the gloriously heady 2004 comedy about wine appreciation and friendship, proved an unexpected movie success garnering awards galore, including an Oscar.

Now a brand new production of Rex Pickett’s much loved novel and play, Sideways will open at London’s St James Theatre for its UK and European premiere this May.

Directed by David Grindley (Daytona, Journey’s End, The American Plan) Sideways is a classic vintage about two middle-aged men who hit the road in search of fine wine and a good time….and it probably caused a crash in demand for Merlot.


Best friends Miles and Jack embark on a hilarious journey into the heart of wine country with Sideways: The Play. Based on his beloved novel, which inspired the award-winning winning film, Rex Pickett’s stage adaptation fizzes with comedy and heartfelt emotion, and goes down better than a well-aged Pinot Noir.

A neurotic author, who is writing his way into a midlife-crisis, and an actor, who is marrying his way out of his, head out to Santa Barbara for a week of wine-tastings and they find out that there’s more to be savoured in California than a few new bottles.

For when Miles and Jack meet the equally strong and complex Maya and Terra, the four of them learn just how intoxicating a good glass of wine and good company can be – for better and for worse.

Rex Pickett said: “From the moment my play was successfully staged in the US it’s been my express dream to bring it to London.

“That is not hyperbole. I’ve been a lifelong, die-hard fan of UK films, literature, thespians, and, of course,
London’s rich history of theatre and her undying love of language and for the spoken word. The Brit influence on my work is incalculable, my debt enormous.

“Bringing Sideways to London is that dream realised in Technicolour, that debt remunerated in the only way I’m capable of expressing my immeasurable gratitude.”​

The stage version of Sideways was first performed at the Equity-waiver Ruskin Group Theater in Santa Monica, California, where it ran for six months. It transferred to the 400-seat Potiker Theater at the La Jolla Playhouse where it broke all attendance records for a non-musical in their 35-year history.

Sideways plays at St James Theatre from May 26-July 9.

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