Phantom Raspberry Blower to inflict new terror in London

Phantom Raspberry Blower

There’s a new Phantom in town!

Spike Milligan and Ronnie Barker’s legendary comedy, The Phantom Raspberry Blower is set for a comeback on stage.

The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town, features a Jack the Ripper-style madman stalking the streets of Victorian London, who kills or stuns his victims in a most horrific way.

The comedy will provide Hallowe’en thrills over the October 30-Nov 1 weekend at St James Theatre Studio.

The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town was the final Goons Show BBC radio script, conceived and written by “the Godfather of modern comedy” Spike Milligan.

It was to have starred Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe & Milligan – The Goons – but Sellers’ Hollywood career had taken off with The Pink Panther movies and so it was never recorded by them.

The script was later adapted by Milligan and British comedy great, Ronnie Barker, as an eight-part serial story that appeared in 1976 on The Two Ronnies TV show.

Now the Ministry of Entertainment is bringing the Milligan/Barker script to the stage as Spike Milligan originally intended – performed by “The Goons”.

The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town will also include previously unused material from the abandoned Goon Show, for fans and a whole new generation to enjoy.

From the darkest annals of Victorian England, comes a lurid tale of folks, jokes… and cloaks! Chaos and comedy abound when a lone madman stalks the streets of foggy London, bringing discomfort and disgust to everyone, in probably the most outrageous way imaginable to man (…and it’s not Jack-the-Ripper – he’s away on a course!).

It is directed by Danny Greenstone as a fast-paced live radio show, with David Boyle, Lee Moone and Steve Elias in the roles originally created for Sellers, Milligan and Secombe.

They are joined in the madness by James Petherick as the Announcer, Jodie Jacobs as The Girl, and of course The Phantom himself… to be played by a nightly mystery celebrity guest!

All proceeds from a gala opening performance of The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town on opening night, will be donated to youth charity The Prince’s Trust, which helps unemployed young people into work or training.

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