Absurdist Claudio Tolcachir comedy completes UK Premieres from the Americas’ Season at Ustinov Studio

The UK Premieres from the Americas’ Season at Bath’s Ustinov Studio is to be completed with Claudio Tolcachir’s absurdist comedy, The Omission of the Family Coleman next March, it has been announced.

The award-winning show has been adapted by Stella Feehily, and it will be the third and final production in the season.

The play will be directed by Laurence Boswell. The season opened in November with Donald Margulies’ The Model Apartment, also directed by Boswell, which ends on December 22.

A second production, Tanya Barfield’s play with music, Blue Door, directed by Eleanor Rhode, will run from February 7 to March 9.

The Omission of the Family Coleman (March 28-April 27) sees three generations of the dysfunctional Coleman family living under one roof and on the verge of chaos.

They are held in check by their matriarchal grandmother. But how will the family cope when their linchpin is removed?

Claudio Tolcachir’s comedy has won several major awards including the Ace Award for Best Argentinian Play and the Best Original Play Award at the Fiesta Nacional del Teatro.

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