Anthem for lost youth. punkplay premieres at Southwark Playhouse


Gregory S. Moss’s punkplay is a riot of a play told at breakneck pace with a killer soundtrack, a coming-of-age story about subcultures, friendship and not-fitting-in – all on rollerskates!

Staged in the US by Steppenwolf Theatre Company, punkplay, directed by Tom Hughes, opens for a four-week season at Southwark Playhouse from Wednesday, as part of Punk London – 40 years of subversive culture.

There’s Duck and there’s Mickey. They’re the kids of America and it’s the ’80s apocalypse. They hate their parents and there’s no point in algebra.

They’re grabbing at this thing called life: guitars, girls, love, fury, heartbreak and noise noise noise. Punk is their escape from suburbia and it’s like nothing they have ever heard. It’s fast – it’s alive – it’s already dead.

It stars Matthew Castle, who was was Roger in the Regents Park Open Air Theatre’s acclaimed production of Lord of the Flies, and Aysha Kala who was named a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit of 2015.

She played Sooni Dalal in Indian Summers and was in Shameless (both C4). On stage she was in Much Ado About Nothing at the Royal Shakespeare Company and Djinns of Eidgah at the Royal Court. Sam Perry and Jack Sunderland are making their professional stage debuts.

Playwright Gregory S. Moss said: “I hope London theatregoers respond the same as an American audience. It’s a play that works on a bunch of levels.

“I hope they can find some reflection of their own adolescence in the central relationship. I hope that the play does capture, in an authentic way, some of that spirit of what I thought punk rock was about: this unfettered freedom, that sense of possibility that it gave me when I was a kid.

“It’s a huge deal for me to have the play open in London. And also to be part of Punk London – the 40th anniversary of punk in London – feels incredibly validating. It makes me very happy.”

punkplay runs in The Little at Southwark Playhouse from September 7-October 1.

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