Audiences quiver to be part of Southwark’s immersive Robin Hood


Robin Hood meets Game of Thrones in Tacit Theatre’s immersive adventure, wielding swords, songs and music in this historical (ish) reimagining of the myth surrounding the legendary outlaw.

The Ballad of Robin Hood at Southwark Playhouse opens on Monday. Directed by Annabelle Brown it stars Owen Findlay as the eponymous bowman and outlaw, Rosalind Blessed as Rosie Bailey, Dora Rubenstein as Marian and Tom Daplyn as The Sherrif. Other cast members include Oliver Ashworth, Ellen Chivers and Joel Mellinger.

The Ballad of Robin Hood is a lively and ribald play with live music for all the family this Christmas.

It follows the trademark inventive style of the company’s previous work at Southwark Playhouse, The Canterbury Tales and A Study in Scarlet. Featuring live music, mulled wine and the London stage’s first- and quite possibly last- archery competition.

Enter the Tabard Inn in Borough, 1380 and meet landlady Rosie Bailey. Times are tough for Rosie; rent is extortionate and she is being forced to pay a crippling tax by the local Marshalsea court, whilst the local gentry enjoy a bacchanalian orgy of consumption.

Sit down, have a drink and delight in an evening of intoxicating tales and lively song about the country’s greatest and much loved outlaw.

Rumours abound about the mysterious folk-hero Robin Hood, whose celebrated feats of derring-do and noble acts have become legendary; inspiring songs and hope for the oppressed countrywide.

If only he could come to Southwark, an area stuck in turbulent times and riven with cruel iniquity.

The Ballad of Robin Hood puts the audience at the heart of the action as patrons of the Tabard Inn, which – also the setting of Tacit Theatre’s two sold out runs of The Canterbury Tales – once stood a five minute walk away from Southwark Playhouse on what is now Borough High Street.

The Ballad of Robin Hood runs at Southwark Playhouse until December 26.

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