Ayckbourn’s Consuming Passions for Stephen Joseph Theatre


Alan Ayckbourn consuming passions are playwriting and seeing his work staged at Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre.

His 80th play and his latest work, Consuming Passsions, is also two linked single-act plays, Premonitions and Repercussions, each lasting around 45 to 50 minutes long, premiering this summer.

Rachel CaffreyAndy CryerLouise ShuttleworthLeigh Symonds

Written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn, it’s performed by members of the SJT’s Summer Festival rep company Rachel Caffrey, Andy Cryer, Louise Shuttleworth and Leigh Symonds, who can all also be seen in the main house show, Ayckbourn’s The Karaoke Theatre Company.

Melanie believes she has forseen the future – but has she really? Or is it all in her mind?

True or false, she has seen events which threaten one she secretly loves, and whose life is in terrible danger. What can she do or say to prevent things happening – and who on earth will believe her?

Consuming Passions can be seen in rep from August 5 until October 8. From September 16 it will move upstairs to the theatre’s endstage McCarthy auditorium, where it will play as a single show under the umbrella title of Consuming Passions.

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