Dancer witch-hunt en pointe in The Right Ballerina at Hen & Chickens

the right ballerina

Here’s a drama right en pointe. Following a debut and successful tour Pump Out Productions is staging the London premiere of The Right Ballerina, a new play that eviscerates our perception of right/left wing politics, at the Hen & Chickens Theatre.

The play is inspired by the real life case of Simone Clarke, a ballerina with the English National Ballet who was outed as a BNP member in 2006.

With the recent Brexit vote, and the Trump candidacy for US President, tensions between the right and left sides of the political spectrum have flared once more – and this cautionary tale looks into the possible pitfalls of political bias in the arts.

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Top ballerina Penny Leigh has a secret. When the enigmatic Mr X makes it known to the world, Penny is in danger of losing more than her reputation. Written by award winning playwright Billy Cowan, and directed by Matthew Gould, this unrelenting, absurdist drama takes its pressure cooker premise to a lethal conclusion.

Cast: Adam Grayson, Genevieve Berkeley-Steele, Gregory A Smith and Filip Krenus.

Billy Cowan is an award-winning playwright who lives in Manchester. His first play, Smilin’ Through, won the 2003 Writing Out Award for Best New Gay Play.

It went on to be produced by Birmingham Rep and Contact in 2005 and was nominated for Best New Play by the Manchester Evening News. Other work includes Care Takers, which won The Stage Edinburgh Award 2016.

The Right Ballerina runs at the Hen & Chickens Theatre from October 11-22.

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