Enjoy Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange

Brief Encounters

The Bradford Interchange may seem a familiar place to the thousands of travellers who pass through it but I bet they never appreciated the drama of the place.

Freedom Studios are staging Brief Encounters At Bradford Interchange, as part of the Shine Festival. It is a new site specific promenade production by Rav Sanghera and directed by Tom Wright.

The play is inspired by the people who work and travel through Bradford’s iconic Interchange station.

Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange runs from October 6-10.

The debut play by Sheffield playwright Rav Sanghera will take the audience through familiar and hidden parts of the Interchange train and bus station celebrating the city’s warmth, welcome, humour and grit in a series of intertwining stories.

From the cleaner who is always there to listen, to the asylum seeker who sits outside the station asking for help, the drama tells five powerful stories where cultures collide and connect, love blooms in different places and everyday people interact, meet, work, start and end journeys.

To research the play, Sanghera spent time absorbing the comings and goings of the place, interviewing bus and train station staff, people who work in the shops and its many passengers.

He has also talked to organisations which support people new to the city and individuals about their experiences of arriving in Bradford

Said Tom Wright: “When I started out as Freedom Studios’ associate director three years ago, I encountered Bradford for the first time, as an outsider.

“As I met Bradfordians from across the city’s many different communities, they all told me the same thing; they were fiercely proud of being part of such a diverse city, a city which embraced difference.

“Here, they could be part of a community based on their background, but also part of the wider city, without having to compromise on either.

“When Rav approached us with the idea of using Bradford Interchange; the meeting point of trains, buses, taxis, rental bikes and pedestrians, and so the potential meeting point of people from dozens of different backgrounds, to celebrate everything which makes Bradford special, it made sense that this would be the perfect location to stage a theatrical celebration of the city”.

Bradford-based Freedom Studios is an award-winning intercultural theatre company, which connects different people and communities through story-telling and making theatre.

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