Family troubles with Ayckbourn’s Time of My Life at Brockley Jack


Alan Ayckbourn’s 1992 tragi comedy, Time Of My Life, gets an outing next month when Rare Insight brings its production to the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre.

Gerry Stratton proposes a toast “to happy times” at a family meal out to celebrate his wife Laura‚Äôs 54th birthday. He has no idea of the events that will unfold over the course of that evening.

Their elder son, Glyn, is now back together with his long-suffering wife Stephanie, and their younger son, Adam, has brought along his new girlfriend to meet the Stratton family for the first time.


Family skeletons intrude on cheerful domesticity as we get a glimpse into the past, present and future of the Stratton household. Time of My Life springs several surprises as Ayckbourn cleverly mixes tragedy and comedy in a piece that both entertains and inspires.

Casting: Alex Corbet-Burcher, Charlotte McClimens, Lauren Scott-Berry, Pearce Sampson and Joey Bartram.

Time of My Life plays at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre from April 12-30.

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