F**k The Polar Bears in green comedy at the Bush

polar bears

F*ck The Polar Bears is a raucous new environmental comedy about a family with the world at their feet, but plagued by the everyday hypocrisies and First World Problems of a prosperous life.

Tanya Ronder’s new play opens at London’s Bush Theatre this September and will star Jon Foster, Salóme R Gunnarsdóttir, Susan Stanley and Andrew Whipp.

Gordon and Serena have worked hard to get where they are. He’s on the verge of a massive promotion at an energy company. She’s preparing for a move into the house of their dreams. The family appear to be cooking on gas.

But behind their perfect front door, light bulbs are blowing, the drains keep blocking, and a phone inexplicably refuses to charge. Not to mention that daughter Rachel’s adored toy polar bear is nowhere to be found.

As Gordon chases the spectres behind these mysterious events, he spirals out of control and the family are forced to ask whether the life they desire is worth its cost.

Andrew Whipp and Susan Stanley will play Gordon and Serena, seemingly the perfect couple. Icelandic Salóme R Gunnarsdóttir takes the role of Blundhilde, their long-suffering idealistic au pair, with Jon Foster as Gordon’s troubled brother, the black sheep of the family.

Bella Anne Padden and Eléa Vicas will share the role of the couple’s young daughter Rachel.

F*ck The Polar Bears runs from September 11–October 24.

It will be followed in the Bush’s autumn season by Radar, the venue’s annual festival of new writing and the co-production between the Bush Theatre and HighTide Festival, Tom Holloway’s Forget Me Not.

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