Golden Age’s royal rebellion in Good King Richard


Poor Richard III has always had bad press. Now the Golden Age Theatre Company is hoping to set the record straight with Ian Dixon-Potter’s Good King Richard at London’s White Bear Theatre this December.

History is always written by the victor. After Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, Tudor Historians created the elaborate fiction of a deformed usurper who schemed and murdered his way onto the English throne.

But who was the real Richard III? Drawing on contemporary sources unsullied by Tudor propaganda, Good King Richard dramatises, for the very first time, the true events which propelled Richard onto the throne of England and led to his downfall.

Good King Richard

This is a tale of murder, betrayal, rebellion, revenge and political intrigue starting with the drowning of the Duke of Clarence in a butt of Malmsey and ending on the eve of the Battle of Bosworth.

A century after Richard’s death a celebrated play was written, based on the testimony of his greatest enemy, Cardinal John Morton. Over four centuries later, Good King Richard hopes to set the record straight.

Cast: Nicholas Koy Santillo, Peter Collington, Catherine Dunne, John McLear, Ben Harper, Albert Clack, Zara Banks and Will Mytum.

Good King Richard runs at the White Bear Theatre from December 8-20.

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