Heroic Wipers brings WWI battle home to Leicester Curve


First World War drama Wipers, the real life story of Khuddadad Khan, the first South Asian soldier to be awarded a Victoria Cross for bravery at Ypres, will star Jassa Ahluwalia, Waleed Akhtar, Simon Rivers and Sartaj Garewal.

Leicester Curve associate director Suba Das directs the co-production from the Curve, Belgrade Theatre and Watford Palace Theatre. This startling new piece of work honours the contribution of the million South Asian soldiers who fought alongside British soldiers during the First World War.

Wipers is set in October 1914 when the British forces, bolstered by huge numbers of volunteer soldiers from across the Empire, have suffered huge casualties at Ypres, in one of the first bloody battles of The Great War.

Jassa AhluwaliaWaleed Akhtarwiperswipers

As a sole survivor on the battlefield holds off the advancing enemy troops, a group of South Asian and British soldiers seek refuge in an abandoned barn. Over the course of a single night, the men must confront their fears and find a way to come together if they are to survive.

Chris Stafford, chief executive and Nikolai Foster, artistic director of Curve, said: “We continue to celebrate diversity and share stories from many different perspectives in Ishy Din’s profoundly moving new play, Wipers.

“The play celebrates the extraordinary contribution of South Asian soldiers during the Great War and we are proud to present it during this centenary. Our director, Suba Das has assembled a tremendous company of actors and we are also delighted to welcome designer Isla Shaw back to Curve.”

Wipers Listings

Curve, Leicester, April 8-23
Watford Palace Theatre, April 27 April-May 7
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, May 12-21

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