Hope Theatre’s Gothic Season continues with The Worst Was This & Her Aching Heart


Matte O’Brien writes and directs The Worst Was This which has just opened to critical acclaim at Islington’s Hope Theatre as part of its Gothic Season.

Written and performed in verse and prose, Wild Goose Chase in association with the critically acclaimed New Room Theatre are back at The Hope Theatre for this classical Shakespearean love triangle.

A great war has scorched the Earth, destroying, and contaminating everything in its path. Plants cannot grow, world economies have collapsed, and with no goods available for purchase, money has no value.

Lack of food and medicine has allowed a syphilitic plague to run rampant through the surviving human population, causing people to lose noses, tongues, ears, eyes, hands, feet, and more..

In a pub, three sisters run a gruesome black market business. Will, a beautiful young actor wanders into the sisters’ den to meet with Chris, a disfigured poet until now presumed dead. A tangled web of lies begins to entrap them, and hearts are shredded, both figuratively and literally…

Cast – Sarah Barron, Ben Clifford, Brendan Hellier, Lauren Hurwood, Mark Jeary and Beth Kovarik.

The Worst Was This runs until November 26.

Her Aching Heart

Following it into the Hope Theatre will be Her Aching Heart, a lesbian historical romance – with songs. Grab a bonnet, lace up your corset, and prepare to swoon, as this tongue-in-cheek musical whirlwind sweeps you headlong into a gorgeous parody of the best in bonk-busting romance.

Innocent maidens and haughty aristocrats ardently pursue each other through a tempestuous, gothic landscape, replete with murder, elopement and heaving bosoms a-plenty as the dazzling array of characters’ passionate entanglements gradually draw together the two women who play them all.

Bryony Lavery’s wonderful pastiche of the Mills and Boon genre is joyfully peppered with torch songs and is revived at The Hope Theatre in a 25th Anniversary production, featuring original music by Ian Brandon (Notes from My Shelf, Big Bruvva, On Our Street) and directed by Matthew Parker.

Her Aching Heart runs at The Hope Theatre from November 29-December 23.

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