Keeping safe with Only Forever at Hope Theatre

only forever

How far would you go to protect your family? Abrahan Arsis’ claustrophobic and intimate new play, Only Forever, explores the irrational measures we can be driven to in order to keep those we care about alive.

George and Margaret have three children and will do anything to protect them.

After war breaks out and threatens their safety, they decide to hide in their bunker and wait for it to end, while attempting to carry on with their lives.

The days and months pass, the children grow and they seem safe and secure. But as questions begin to arise, cracks start to form that threaten to break apart the family forever – yet where can they go and who can they turn to except each other?

Cast: Edward Pinner, Christine Rose, Jennie Eggleton and Lewys Taylor.

Directed by Poppy Rowley, this is the second new play from Tangled Thread Theatre who previously took a one-woman show, Close To You, to the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals and the Southwark Playhouse.

Only Forever runs at the Hope Theatre, Islington, from Sept 8-26.

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