Nina Segal’s Big Guns takes a potshot at quashing fear

Nina Segal follows up here critically acclaimed play, In the Night Time (Before The Sun Rises) with Big Guns, an unsettling new drama which comes to East London’s Yard Theatre later this month.

Directed by Yard artistic associate and Barrel Organ Theatre Company founder, Dan Hutton, the two-hander stars Debra Baker (Radiant Vermin) and Jessye Romeo (Martyr, Unicorn Theatre).

Big Guns is a show that holds a mirror up to our relationship with contemporary violence: the feeling of it being dragged towards us. Unstoppably.

Big Guns is the prickling at the back of your neck, the faint taste of blood on your teeth, the could-be sounds of a strange figure in the semi-darkness. The YouTube clip you hope doesn’t load but can’t help watching.

Privacy. Pornography. Flat-pack furniture. Big Guns is violence – against others, against ourselves. It’s paranoia. A society living in fear. It’s the moment just before.

Said Nina Segal: “Since I started writing this play in 2014, the terrorism threat level for the UK has remained as ‘severe’.

“Political campaigns have been run – and won – on fear; on encouraging the belief that we are under attack. Our appetite for fictionalised violence, both on TV and in the cinema, hasn’t waned, and our appetite for real violence, streamed live through Facebook or on a grainy YouTube video, is still being negotiated.

“We’re statistically safer than we’ve ever been and yet often we feel more under threat than ever. Big Guns is about the space between threat and violence, between the fictional and the real – and between looking at and looking away”.

Big Guns plays at the Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick, from March 21-April 8.

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