PRs picking up the pieces. Cuttings comedy premieres at The Hope Theatre

There’s actually no such a thing as good publicity, there’s just planned and unplanned, and this is very much the latter.

Cuttings, which comes to The Hope Theatre, in London, this June, is about PRs picking up the pieces. It is a satirical look at public perceptions, fandom and fame and what it means to be ‘sorry’ in the 21st Century.

YouTuber-turned-actor, Arthur Moses, wins an Olivier Award, and moments later goes on to drunkenly deliver the most offensive, outrageous and profanity laden speech in the ceremony’s history.

His publicists – Gracelyn, Ruchi and Danica – have quite a morning ahead of them.

The trio need to apologise on his behalf while fielding calls, defusing social media, stamping out print, handling the talent and, if Arthur could stop posting on Instagram for a second that would be great.

Cuttings stars Joan Potter, Maisie Preston and Natasha Patel.

Cuttings, written by Ollie George Clark and directed by Rob Ellis for his Relish Theatre Company, runs at The Hope Theatre, Islington, from June 4 – 22.

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