Saul Marron says cheers to Sh*tfaced Shakespeare at Leicester Square Theatre

Sh*tfaced Shakespeare:

Scottish actor Saul Marron believes in going the extra mile for his craft. He stars in Sh*tfaced Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a drunken play to remember at London’s Leicester Square Theatre this spring.

While the world celebrates the 400th anniversary of The Bard’s death one actor is planning to perform his greatest work while inebriated.

Welcome to the glory of Sh*tfaced Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and thesp Saul Marron is happy to be our smart, quirky and sometimes drunken lead.

Few bodies of work in theatre, if any, have inspired wild creative explorations as much as Shakespeare’s. Weighing in on the very valuable and wildly funny end is this comedy. Here Shakespeare’s classic is performed by a cast, where one member (on a rotating schedule) has spent the previous four hours prior to the show, getting totally pissed.

Taking the lead is Marron. Having been quite happily with Sh*tfaced Shakespeare from the start in 2010 his insight is invaluable.

“It’s been an amazing experience; the show’s taken on a little bit of a cult status over the past few years,” said the actor.

“We’ve been a big hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, which is just a crazy, intense month back in home in Scotland. And over the past year we’ve been fortunate to travel to the U.S with the show. It’s been a huge hit across there as well.

“You never know what’s going to happen or what the drunken actor is going to throw into the works. You’ve just got to take whatever is given to you and try to make it part of the play. Every show is very different.

“It’s strange what sticks in the deepest parts of your brain and comes out when you’re drunk. Some of the cast undress themselves others refuse to follow the plot by turning down proposals or being madly in love with a character they definitely shouldn’t be etc.

“Personally I’ve tried for years to suppress the need to sing the Dawson’s Creek theme tune but it always seems to find its way out and into the show. There’s nothing quite like having 500 people singing along with you.”

Saul Marron is a 34-year-old Scottish-born (Crieff, Perthshire. Home of Ewan McGregor and Famous Grouse whiskey) actor, producer and comedy writer who is currently based in London.

Sh*tfaced Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream is playing at Leicester Square Theatre from April 26-June 11.

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