Time for Xmas rethink with innovative How to Be Better


Immersive theatre that makes audiences think more about Christmas is at the heart of How To Be Better, a modern day fable, getting to the heart of the joys and challenges of the festive season.

Contact Young Company and Common Wealth have created a promenade production that is a seasonal show with a difference.

We all make promises. Be nice to people, don’t look at my phone as much, spend less money on crap, don’t mess up. Why do we strive to be better at this time of the year?

How To Be Better transforms Contact’s main auditorium into an inspiring and imaginative new world exploring the pressures and complexities of Christmas and asking how we can be our best.

In a new concept you’ll see the main auditorium as it’s never been seen before, with action occurring in the dressing room, the house, and even backstage.

Audiences are invited to structure their own narrative through the decisions they make during the show, choosing where to go, who to follow and what they discover on an immersive journey alternating between playful theatricality and challenging honesty.

Based on the cast’s own experiences, and shaped from verbatim interviews from a range of young people, the show illustrates everybody’s potential to be better, and to be more.

Devised over a period of some months the show explores the obstacles we encounter on our journey to self-betterment in a world that rewards negative qualities such as greed and selfishness.

How To Be Better runs at Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester from December 16-19.

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