Tolstoy’s timeless Anna Karenina sweeps into Jack Studio Theatre

Anna Karenina

Television’s War & Peace has renewed the public’s interest in great Russian literature – or it could be the phwoar factor of its male cast – so Arrows & Traps Theatre Company’s new production of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina couldn’t be more opportune.

Adapted by Helen Edmundson, Anna Karenina brings the romance and grandeur of Russian period drama to London’s acclaimed Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, from next Tuesday.

Anna Karenina (Ellie Jacob), the wife of a provincial governor, revolts against a superficial existence of compromise and embarks on a scandalous affair with a charming officer Count Vronsky (Will Mytum). As Anna is brought to the brink of destruction, she must finally decide who she is living for.

Anna Karenina castanna karenina cast

Full cast: Cornelia Baumann, Pippa Caddick, Adam Elliott, Ellie Jacob, Will Mytum, Spencer Lee Osborne, David Paisley and Hannah Wilder.

Arrows & Traps brings Tolstoy’s epic novel to life, translating a thousand pages, and a cast of nearly that many, into a visceral, intimate chamber drama, filled with blossoming romance and bloodied revolution. This is a timeless tale that speaks to our human right to live, and love, and be free.

Anna Karenina runs at the Brockley Jack from March 15-April 2.

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