Unity Theatre takes refuge in festive Princess and the Pea

Princess and the Pea

This Christmas, Unity Theatre Liverpool is set to enchant audiences of all ages with a spellbinding new production of the much loved fairy-tale – The Princess and the Pea.

Devised by the company and written by the award winning playwright Kevin Dyer this delightful festive treat opens on Friday.

In this fantastical new version, Unity Theatre and the inventive Action Transport Theatre create a funny, original, beautiful retelling of the much loved and familiar tale.

It stars Josie Cersie, Duncan Cameron, Keddy Sutton and Graham Hiks.

With direction by ATT’s artistic director Nina Hajiyianni, majestic music from Patrick Dineen and magical design by the students from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, The Princess and the Pea will entertain theatre-goers of all ages.

pea (in rehearsal)
pea (in rehearsal)

Nina Hajiyianni said: “We all love the occasional sing-along and bit of tinsel at Christmas but if this is the one time of the year that families go to the theatre, then we want the experience to be more than that.

“This show aims to provide plenty of fun and frivolity for people of all ages but it is also an ambitious attempt to tell an important story and in doing so, connect audiences with something meaningful.

“Our production of Princess and the Pea is set against the backdrop of the global refugee crisis. Our girl, who is revealed to be as good as a princess, our take on the traditional tale, is fleeing her home, adrift in a makeshift boat, and she is hoping for land and help.

“The fictional fairytale world where she lands is ‘Meane’ where locals pride themselves on their position in the world and count the many ways they can live up to their place name.

“They live in the shadow of the kingdom which is where our story begins in earnest”.

The Princess and the Pea, like all good family shows, will be multi layered but told with beautiful simplicity. At the heart of it, is a story about hope and the need for compassion.

It is also the story of a Pea (and there will be a very tall actor in a large, round, green, pea-suit) who knows he has an important part to play in the story but hasn’t been told what it is yet. He is discovered, throughout the story, practising his song and dance routine…

The Princess and the Pea is suitable for princes and princesses aged 5+

Running at the Unity Theatre, Hope Place, Liverpool, from December 4- January 9.

The show will transfer to Whitby Hall Studio Theatre, Ellesmere Port from January 12 – 16.

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