What price success? Boujie premieres at The Drayton Arms Theatre

I dunno how you lot got Devin to be all hostin’ and sh*t cos some of us didn’t even know dis place was a ting.

London playwright Hassan Govia’s full-length debut, Boujie, has an official opening at the Drayton Arms Theatre, Kensington, tomorrow night following a work in progress performance in 2017.

Set in post-Brexit London, and led by a diverse cast, Boujie is a lively, character-driven comedy that addresses the impact of professional and financial success on personal relationships.

It delves into matters of loyalty, class, social climbing and status.

Entertainment blogger, Devin, hosts a housewarming at his new, luxury apartment. But the evening is derailed by the intrusion of some uninvited guests.

Devin is forced to defend himself from accusations suggesting that his newfound prosperity has made him too ‘boujie’.

Boujie, directed by Zoe Morris, stars Cristal Cole, Freddy Gaffney, Hassan Govia, Natali Servat, Peter Silva and Maria Yarjah.

Hassan Govia trained as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, where he completed a solo project examining the problems surrounding diversity for black British actors.

It culminated in a self-written, immersive piece entitled The White Game, which was performed at the school.

The findings of his research have influenced the artistic focus for Unshaded Arts, a theatre company he has just launched and Boujie marks its first production.

Boujie runs at the Drayton Arms Theatre until December 8.

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