Woven Voices expose Bruises at the Tabard Theatre


New drama Bruises at the Tabard Theatre next month, explores the subject of sex work within the contexts of feminism, 21st century attitudes to sex, female friendship, and the contemporary city.

It is the debut play from Franco-Swiss writer Nadia Cavelle, whose short film Talking Traffic was recently selected for the Short Film Corner at Cannes and the Women’s International Film and Arts Festival, Miami.

Cavelle’s work is a playful but thought-provoking story about identity and sexuality. It explores the still hugely taboo topic of sex work in the hope of opening up a more informed and compassionate dialogue.

Kirsty RiderEva-Jane WillisLily KnightZachary Fall James Barnes Toby Rolt

It is about two best friends, whose journeys through life lead them in very different directions and about the struggle to forge our own identities within the confines of social expectations, and the damage and shame we can experience as a result.

But Bruises is also about love, lust and capital – and French literature, nominative determinism and dental hygiene. It is about what we do with the crap that life throws at us.

Cast: Kirsty Rider, Eva-Jane Willis, Lily Knight, Zachary Fall, James Barnes and Toby Rolt.

Bruises is directed by French director Jean-Claude Fall who brings over 40 years of professional experience to his UK directorial debut.

The play launches new company Woven Voices which is seeking to stage work that embraces those marginalised by existing social categories.

The production plays at the Tabard Theatre, August 11-29.

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