Kate Anthony at Yorkshire Playhouse for Bennett’s Untold Stories

Kate Anthony

Kate Anthony, Corrie’s Aunty Pam, comes to West Yorkshire Playhouse in Alan Bennett’s Untold Stories.

Leeds’-born Kate faces a long commute back to her home town.
She now lives in London despite being a local girl and working in Manchester almost full time for five years.

Until now, and despite her successful career to date, Kate has never been part of a WYP production. Kate has always joked that since she’s lived in London, most of her work has been in the north.

She jumped at the chance of working on Untold Stories. “I loved the play and was excited about being part of Alan Bennett’s 80th birthday celebrations season here at WYP, especially as it was being directed by Mark Rosenblatt, an opportunity and experience too good to miss.

“I started acting here in Leeds, at Park Lane College, doing theatre studies and my teacher was Vanessa Rosenthal, who encouraged me to take up acting professionally.

The coincidence of this is that Vanessa is also working here at WYP in Alan Bennett’s play, Enjoy“.

Kate started off in theatre during the early years of her career before moving between TV and back to theatre and also picking up a couple of film awards en route.

When Coronation Street came calling it was a great chance to work in the famous soap that Kate had watched with her family since she was a small child.

“I never thought Coronation Street would continue for as long as it did.

“Initially my character of Aunty Pam was planned for a three-month stint and I ended up staying over four years.”

She went on to work with Ayub Khan-Din in his new play All The Way Home and alongside Barry Rutter in Rutherford and Son.

Kate added: “I’m surprised, being a northern actress, that I haven’t worked with WYP until now, but I do hope it won’t be the last production I do for them.”

After Untold Stories Kate will go back to record a second series for BBC Radio 4’s hilarious Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang-Ups.

“I love working on this series, it’s such fun and Tom’s writing is excellent.

“After that, then maybe I will get a chance to spend some time with my family before seeing what’s next to come along.

“I would love to continue with another successful theatre production, but there is always the opportunity of TV round the corner.

“Whatever I do next will be exciting though and that’s the great thing about being an actor – you never know what the next call is going to be for or from whom!”

Kate is at The West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds in Untold Stories until June 21.

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