Almeida Theatre prepares to enter The Twilight Zone

Between light and shadow, science and superstition, fear and knowledge is a dimension of imagination. An area we call the Twilight Zone.

Adapted by Anne Washburn (Mr Burns) and directed by Olivier Award-winner Richard Jones, the acclaimed 1960s CBS television series The Twilight Zone lands on the English stage for the first time in its history….Or its present. Or its future.

Expect to take a trip into the unknown at London’s Almeida Theatre this December.

The production is adapted from seven or eight episodes from the original TV show although the stories will be woven together rather than play out in an episodic way.

The original American television anthology series, created by Rod Serling, ran from 1959 to 1964 and was shot entirely in black and white.

The episodes covered various genres, including psychological horror, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and psychological thriller, often ending with a macabre or unexpected twist, and usually with a moral.

Its success led to a 1983 Steven Spielberg film, a radio series, a comic book, a magazine, and various other spin-offs that spanned five decades, including two revival television series.

Various episodes have also been staged in America.

The show stars Oliver Alvin-Wilson, Franc Ashman, Adrianna Bertola, Lizzy Connolly, Amy Griffiths, Neil Haigh, Cosmo Jarvis, John Marquez, Matthew Needham and Sam Swainsbury.

The Twilight Zone runs at the Almeida Theatre from December 5 – January 27

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