Back in court. Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution heads to the South Bank

A new production of Agatha Christie’s classic courtroom drama, Witness for the Preosecution, London’s South Bank this October in a unique court room setting inside County Hall.

Lucy Bailey (Comus, The Graduate, Titus Andronicus) will direct this gripping tale of justice, passion and betrayal, with the audience thrillingly placed in the thick of the action.

This will be the first major London production of a play written by Agatha Christie to open since the 1960s.

Leonard Vole is accused of murdering a widow to inherit her wealth. The stakes are high. Will Leonard survive the shocking witness testimony?

And will he be able to convince the jury of his innocence and escape the hangman’s noose?

James Prichard, Mathew Prichard & Lucy Bailey at County Hall. Images Helen Maybanks.

Witness for the Prosecution was one of Agatha Christie’s favourites of all her works.

In her autobiography, she said: ‘One night at the theatre stands out in my memory especially; the first night of Witness for the Prosecution.

“I can safely say that that was the only first night I have enjoyed. It was one of my plays that I like best myself.’

The new production has been developed with the support and involvement of the Christie family.

James Prichard, the writer’s great grandson and head of Agatha Christie Ltd, said “It is really exciting to see this innovative approach to one of my great grandmother’s best plays.

“The amazing setting of County Hall will help raise the production to great heights, and with Lucy Bailey directing it will be a must see theatre event.

“This show will help demonstrate that Christie’s works are as relevant today as they have ever been, and 21st century London is in for a treat.”

Witness for the Prosecution is part of a new wave of adaptations of Christie’s work on stage and screen that are giving audiences a fresh perspective on her canon.

The BBC has commissioned seven new adaptations with the first, Ordeal By Innocence going into production this summer.

In November, 20th Century Fox’s feature film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express will be released, directed by and starring Kenneth Branagh.

Eleanor Lloyd Productions and Rebecca Stafford Productions Witness for the Prosecution Will run at London County Hall from October 6 – March 11.

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