Emerging actors aided with new initiative at The Actors Centre

The Actors Centre, at the heart of Covent Garden, is opening up the John Thaw Studio as a space for developing and showcasing work.

The new space has been named after the late, respected and much loved, stage and screen star, by his wife, Sheila Hancock, who is one of the founders of the Actors Centre.

She has dedicated the studio in recognition of his contribution to British Film and TV.

From January the centre is opening the doors of the John Thaw Studio to offer new opportunities for actors who want to forge their own career paths.

The studio includes lighting equipment complete with dimmer controls, exercise mats, 50 chairs, and a piano. It will allow them to present innovative, genre-pushing and risk-taking work to the public and industry.

This will also be an opportunity for audiences to actively engage with the development process, with every company offering the chance to participate in discussions about the work, to give feedback or actively workshop the pieces themselves.

This is a new initiative supporting the Actors Centre members; with the space coming at no cost. It is the first initiative of new creative producer, Joel Fisher, in the build up to the centre’s 40th anniversary.

He said: “It is all the more important that there is a regular and financially accessible opportunity to showcase this new work, particularly in an environment where actors are having to work harder than ever to take control of their own careers and create their own productions.

“We want this to be a safe space where risk is encouraged and bold new work can be developed.”

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