Face to Face with new talent at London’s LOST Theatre

Betty Crocker

The concepts are nothing if not diverse in the The Face to Face Festival of Solo Theatrebeing performed at LOST Theatre in south London.

Its New Shoots initiative is a week-long celebration, from July 8-13 of new performers, new performances and new ideas.

Among the highlights, Deirdre Strath will celebrate the life of baking guru Betty Crocker in Betty Has To Go Now; Claire Dowie’s classic Adult Child/Dead Child will be performed by an international company of solo performers; and The Helen Project is an extraordinary modern re-imagining of the Helen of Troy story retold by five different Helens.

The full week’s programme is:

Tuesday 8 July at 7.30pm
New Work from new performers including: Martin Stewart; Ayesha Casely Hayford; Marysia Trembecka; Mass Lindsay; Lesley Wilson; Tom Bland; Lola Kotey and Madlena Nedeva.

Wednesday 9 July at 7.30pm
The Best of the new writing submitted to the Face to Face Festival: Atar Hadari’s Three Sides of a Fence; Deborah Klayman’s Crossing Lines; Robert Crighton’s Shakespeare Delusion and Peta Lily’s Imperfection.

Thursday 10 July at 7.30pm
Claire Dowie’s classic Adult Child/Dead Child and Kay Adshead’s new plays Happy Ending and Three Lotus Flowers performed by Jody Jameson and Eugenia Low.

Friday 11 July at 7.30pm
The Helen Project created by Megan Cohen and Amy Clare Tasker
(also presented as a one-to-one experience on Sunday 13 July).

Saturday 12 July at 7.30pm
Jack Klaff directs Sian Webber as Martha Gelhorn – war correspondent. Deborah Klayman performs Civil. Award-winning Meher Awachri from Tunisia presents new work. Deirdre Strath celebrates baking guru Betty Crocker in Betty Has To Go Now.

Sunday 13 July from 2pm–8pm
Do you dare spend time alone with an artist ? Experience a variety of encounters over the course of an extraordinary hour. One-to-one experiences on offer feature Claire Dowie’s Dylan Tarot; In Your Dreams; The Helen Project (Immersive 1 to 1); Half Baked … and a main house theatre installation from Greece: Olga Pozeli’s
I Remember. Eight tickets are available each hour at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 6pm and 7pm.

LOST Theatre can be found in Wandsworth Road, London. SW8 2JU

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