Holly Boyd wins the scariest job in London theatre

Scream Cam Image

She didn’t think she stood a ghost of a chance but the spirited Holly Boyd is set to face her worst nightmare – a night in a haunted theatre!

More than 500 applications were received for the chance to be night watchman at the Arts Theatre tomorrow night (Friday the 13th).

She will work the 10.30pm to 4am night shift in a bid to explore the unexplained incidents happening at the theatre.

Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, the writers of the hit West End play Ghost Stories set up the challenge.

The opportunity was created after a series of unexplained ‘happenings’ made members of staff reluctant to stay overnight at the theatre.

At 3.45am on April 27 a camera installed in the auditorium (known as scream cam) turned itself on and took a series of mysterious photos showing a grey figure moving about the theatre.

Holly, a corporate lawyer from Twickenham, she will spend a night alone in a dark auditorium, armed with just a torch and notebook, keeping watch and recording any supernatural occurrences that might take place.

Speaking about Holly’s appointment, Jeremy and Andy said:
“We were delighted with the response to our Scariest Job in London advert.

“With over 500 applications, Holly’s fascination with the paranormal, bravery and sense of humour made her the perfect candidate. Bring on Friday the 13th!”

Ghost Stories runs at the Great Newport Street theatre until August 17.


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