Hollywood’s Anne Archer puts Jane Fonda on Trial at Edinburgh Fringe

Anne Archer

Award winning Hollywood actress Anne Archer is making her debut at this year’s Edinburgh Festival with the première of Emmy Award-winning Terry Jastrow’s The Trial Of Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda’s controversial effort to end the Vietnam War is one of the most divisive stories in American history.

It’s now at the centre of this powerful new drama with Archer starring as Hanoi Jane.

The play focuses on a little-known event which occurred in Waterbury, Connecticut on June 18 1988, where Fonda confronted a room full of hostile war veterans intent on boycotting the filming of her movie Stanley & Iris (co-starring Robert de Niro).

Many of the controversial and polarising issues that had festered for years regarding Fonda’s activism during the Vietnam War surfaced during the course of the stormy meeting.

The most famous actress of her time, Jane Fonda was vocal in her opposition to the Vietnam War.

In 1972 she went to the capital city of North Vietnam, Hanoi, to call worldwide public attention to the Nixon Administration’s cover-up of US policy of deliberately bombing the country’s vital water system of dikes.

During that trip she made radio broadcasts denouncing, as a war crime, the US use of anti-personnel bombs banned by the Hague Convention, and visited US POWs.

On the final day of her trip, she was photographed laughing and clapping astride a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.

This activity by Fonda caused enormous controversy and galvanized a huge hate campaign amongst the US military and supporters.

Writer and director Terry Jastrow did extensive research, including travelling to Hanoi to interview Fonda’s guides and interpreters, retracing Fonda’s steps, speaking to eyewitnesses, combing North Vietnamese libraries and film archives all in search of the truth.

Jastrow interviewed Fonda herself on a number of occasions, as well as doing comprehensive interviews with dozens of war vets to ensure balance, accuracy and authenticity.

While Fonda has contributed time and information to ensure her story is told accurately, she has no creative input or veto power, has never read or seen the play, and has no participation in ownership or proceeds from the production.

Anne Archer was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe and the British (BAFTA) Academy Award for her role opposite Michael Douglas in Adrian Lyne’s thriller Fatal Attraction.

Other key roles include her Golden Globe-winning performance in the ensemble cast of Robert Altman’s Short Cuts and for playing Harrison Ford’s beleaguered wife in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

She made her West End début as Mrs Robinson, receiving rave review, in The Graduate.

She will soon be seen in Avenue Pictures’ feature film Lullaby, with a powerful ensemble cast of Garrett Hedlund, Richard Jenkins, Amy Adams, Jessica Brown Finley, Jessica Barden, Jennifer Hudson, and Terrance Howard.

The Trial Of Jane Fonda will play preview performances on July 23-26 at The Gatehouse, Edinburgh.

For times and info visit www.upstairsatthegatehouse.com/

It moves to Music Hall, Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh, from July 30-August 24.

Tickets now on sale via www.edfringe.com

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