King’s Head Theatre probes Sex with Robots and Other Devices

Read our Sex with Robots and Other Devices review from London’s Kings Head Theatre.

I turned it off. Shut it down. Re-booted it. It started asking questions and I didn’t want that, made me feel uncomfortable.

Sex with robots is a big talking point at the moment so Cloakroom Theatre’s probing new play, Sex With Robots and Other Devices, will attract big business this May – hopefully for all the right reasons.

Penned by Writers’ Guild nominee Nessah Muthy, and presented in a co-production with London’s King’s Head Theatre, the production will be directed by Bobby Brook.

In a world where your partner can arrive in an Amazon package, or your child can be chosen off the shop shelf, how much will curiosity and ease play into people’s temptation.

Consider the future of sex. The terrifying, the inevitable, or perhaps the exciting answer to our problems.

Cloakroom is an all-female collective, and is working with an all-female creative team to create the show.

Sex With Robots and Other Devices directly follows King’s Head Theatre’s Who Runs The World? season by female playwrights, and is a direct response to the under-representation of female voices in theatre.

The piece has been inspired by a wealth of research including the work of Isaac Asimov, Abyss Creations and their development of ‘real dolls’, and the Science Museum’s robotics exhibition 2017.

It takes a bold look at the development of robotics, and the ethics behind their use in day to day life.

Having been explored by numerous Films and Television series, Sex With Robots and Other Devices is a unique concept for the stage and live audiences.

The production is the third winner of the Adrian Pagan Award for which the prize is a full production at the King’s Head Theatre along with artistic, producing and fundraising mentorship.

Artistic Director of King’s Head Theatre Adam Spreadbury-Maher said: “With the third Adrian Pagan Award, I was looking for an extraordinary theatre company with an exciting, thought provoking and entertaining state-of-the-nation story to tell.

“Sex with Robots and Other Devices is a fascinating exploration of robotics and sexuality, revealing not only who we are but where we might be going next. I can’t wait to share it with our audiences”.

Sex With Robots and Other Devices places at the King’s Head, Islington, from May 15 – June 2.

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