Lyric Hammersmith splurges out on Bugsy Malone for re-opening

Bugsy Malone

Custard pies at the ready… Alan Parker’s world famous stage musical Bugsy Malone will re-open the Lyric Hammersmith in April following a multi-million pound

The Lyric’s artistic director Sean Holmes will bring to life the UK’s first professional stage production of Bugsy Malone in over a decade.

The multi-million pound project to expand the current Lyric Hammersmith building, creating new facilities and making major improvements, is one of the largest cultural developments in West London.

The building work represents the first major face-lift of the Lyric in 35 years.

Work is currently being completed on the creation of a new two-storey extension called the Reuben Foundation Wing, which will house a wide-range of new facilities including a dance studio, a TV studio, recording studios, screening cinema and a digital
play space.

The Lyric Hammersmith Redevelopment Project has been made possible
by with funding from the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Arts Council England, the Department of Education, the Mayor of London, the Reuben 2 Foundation and hundreds of other private donations from individuals, companies and trusts.

Bugsy Malone is set in Prohibition era New York with rival gangsters Fat Sam and Dandy Dan at loggerheads.

As custard pies fly and Dan’s destructive splurge guns wreak havoc, Bugsy Malone, a penniless ex-boxer and all round nice guy, falls for Blousey Brown, an aspiring singer.

Will Bugsy be able to resist seductive songstress Tallulah, Fat Sam’s moll and Bugsy’s old flame, and stay out of trouble while helping Fat Sam to defend his business?

Jessica Hepburn, executive director of the Lyric Hammersmith said: “I can’t wait for people to come and see what we’ve done to the Lyric. I think they’re going to be amazed.

“The project has taken years of planning and fundraising and two years of construction work on site, but next year we’re going to unveil something really special.

“There isn’t going to be another producing theatre in London quite like it and there will be no better place for young people and emerging artists to develop their creative talent.

“Bugsy Malone is the perfect production to open the Lyric’s new

Sean Holmes added: “Bugsy Malone feels like the perfect show with which to open the new Lyric.

“A work of left-field genius with young people at its heart, it feels like the quintessential Lyric show: celebratory, inclusive and surprising.”

Alan Parker said “I’ve always loved that Bugsy Malone is performed so often as a play in schools but, to be honest, I never ever liked the previous professional on-stage versions.

“In fact, in recent years, I have actively discouraged professional productions.

“However, meeting a few times with Sean Holmes of the Lyric and listening to his excellent ideas, I decided to give a stage production my blessing. I wish Sean and everyone involved well.”

Bugsy Malone will run from April 11 – August 1.

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