Migrant crisis drama, the acclaimed Three Mothers, announces tour

Three women, two children, one story.

Three Mothers, Matilda Velevitch’s powerful and moving migrant crisis play, is touring the UK next month following an acclaimed London run.

It will be performed during Sheffield’s Migration Matters Festival and the national Refugee Week in June.

Set in present day Senegal, Bavaria and post WW2 Sudentenland, Three Mothers immerses the audience in the personal lives and the dilemmas facing its three female characters.

And it follows their stories as they attempt to make difficult decisions that will change their lives forever.

Enforced migration and refugee status are the backdrop to this inspiring, uplifting and intertwined story spanning 60 years of women’s determination to carry on and create a new life.

Matilda Velevitch a freelance writer for theatre and screen, said: “I began research into Three Mothers as a direct response to media coverage of the Migrant Crisis in 2015.

“I was watching it, reading about it, the access to information is endless, but I was unable to feel, even remotely, what it must be like. I could not humanly connect with one single person involved.

“I’m a firm believer in factual and emotional awareness through fictional storytelling. Information has never been so widely available to all, but people need to personally identify with emotion in order to connect with other human beings.

“I researched, interviewed and collected verbatim accounts of refugee women past and present in order to create a human story that would connect us all to motherhood.

“We all have a mother. Through verbatim research and on site experience I identified three mothers of different ages, race and eras and linked their stories together.

“They have one thing in common; the loss of a child. Yet between them, and their stories, they also manage to save one. This one child for me is the connection”.

When Khady’s husband dies, she is forced to sell his goats. She plunges her entire family into uncertainty when she sends her eldest son away from Senegal, across desert and sea to Europe, in the hope that he will find a better life.

When Gisela’s life in England is turned upside down, she goes home to Bavaria seeking comfort and familiarity.

But her attempts to assist the steady flow of refugees arriving in her childhood village soon awaken memories from her own past.

And after being expelled from Sudetenland in 1945, Erika reveals the truth about the journey made on foot with her baby daughter.

The production is an amalgamation of verbatim research, original text and physical theatre, written, directed, designed and performed by an all-female team. An original score has been created by composer David Ridley.

Three Mothers, directed by Janys Chambers, stars Roberta Kerr, Victoria Brazier and Agi Nanjosi.


June 4- 6, Migration Museum, London
June 8, Bradford Playhouse
June 11, Oldham Coliseum Theatre
June 12, Theatre Royal, Wakefield
June 14, The Beggars Theatre, Millom
June 15, The Gather, Ennerdale
June 16, Ewanrigg Community Centre, Maryport
June 17, Bolton College
June 18, Theatre Deli, Sheffield
June 19, Three Minute Theatre, Manchester
June 20, Harrogate Theatre.

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