Mikron Theatre waves flag for Revolting Women suffragette story

Why did it take so insufferably long for women to get the vote?
Mikron Theatre, which tours the country by road and waterway, is to perform Vashti Maclachlan’s compelling new play about Sylvia Pankhurst, Revolting Women.

Directed by Jonny Kelly the production stars Christopher Arkeston, Rosamund Hine, James McLean and Daisy Ann Fletcher.

Mikron Theatre Company marks the 100th anniversary of women in the UK being allowed to vote, with this story, as seen through the eyes of the political activist and campaigner for women’s rights, Sylvia Pankhurst, who fought for the vote alongside working women in the East End of London.

The new play will start its national tour at the Lawrence Batley Theatre on May 26 and then around the UK until October.
Full of political satire, song and more suffrage societies than you can shake a stick at, Revolting Women unravels a contentious and momentous movement in history.


Playwright Vashti Maclachlan (Co-wrote Striking the Balance, Mikron Theatre and The Sod, BBC Radio 4) said: “Revolting Women came out of my interest in Sylvia Pankhurst’s story.

“But I discovered, along the way, a campaign full of militant deeds and words, yes, but also one full of friendship, wit and humour, ripe for representation on a Mikron stage.”

Director Jonny Kelly added: “Revolting Women is my first director credit for Mikron. I’m so looking forward to getting cracking with the lovely team and seeing the show change in every unique Mikron venue.”

Born in Manchester, Sylvia Pankhurst was the second daughter of Richard Pankhurst, a Manchester lawyer and social reformer, and his wife, Emmeline, who was – with her eldest daughter, Christabel, and Sylvia – to become a major figure in the women’s suffrage movement.

In the early 1900s Sylvia combined work for the Women’s Social and Political Union, founded in 1903 by Emmeline and Christabel, with training as an artist at the Royal College of Art in Kensington.

Sylvia was known for her suffrage militancy – she was imprisoned for the first of many times in 1906.

In 1913, she founded the East London Federation of Suffragettes, and launched a newspaper, the Dreadnought. 

She later wrote The Suffragette Movement (1931), one of the first and most lucid accounts of the struggle for the vote.

Based in the village of Marsden, at the foot of the Yorkshire Pennines, Mikron Theatre Company tour for most of the year on board a vintage narrowboat and put on their shows in places that other theatre companies wouldn’t dream of.

Their play about growing-your-own was shown in allotments; a play about bees performed next to hives; a play about chips to audiences in a fish and chips restaurant; as well as plays about hostelling in YHA Youth hostels and the RNLI at several Lifeboat stations around the UK.

Revolting Women, will be touring nationally from May 2018 alongside Ged Cooper’s new play celebrating 70 years of the NHS – Get Well Soon.

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