Northern Broadsides to tour with A Winter’s Tale

A Winter's Tale

The acclaimed Yorkshire theatre company, Northern Broadsides, return to the works of Shakespeare this autumn with a daring and heartbreaking new staging of his tale of reconciliation, love and forgiveness – The Winter’s Tale.

The co-production, in association with Harrogate Theatre, will be directed by the company’s resident director, Conrad Nelson. This will be his the first time in a Northern Broadsides production as both director and actor. It will open in Harrogate this September.

The play opens on New Year’s Eve in 1999, the Millennium bells ring out with hope for the new century. But a lower, ominous note underscores the festivities and the characters are quickly plunged into darkness.

Seized by sudden, irrational jealousy King Leontes falsely accuses his pregnant queen of infidelity with his closest friend, who flees without answering the accusation.

Leontes then proclaims his newborn daughter a bastard and condemns the innocent to death. But the child, Perdita, survives.

What follows is a beautiful and beguiling love story where the cold hand of winter gives way to the brightness and vibrancy of spring.

This will be the first time in the company’s 23-year history that the company will have staged The Winter’s Tale.

Cast: Conrad Nelson, Hannah Barrie, Jack Lord, Ruth Alexander, Vanessa Schofield, Jordon Kemp, Michael Hugo, Andy Cryer, Andrew Whitehead, Jessica Dyas, Lauryn Redding, Russell Richardson and Adam Barlow.

Conrad Nelson plays Leontes, in his first NB stage role since his acclaimed performance as Iago opposite Lenny Henry in Othello. The clever chap has even written the music which will be directed by Rebekah Hughes.

UK Tour dates

September 18-26, Harrogate Theatre
September 29-October 3, Oldham Coliseum
October 6-10, Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds
October 13-17, Lawrence Batley Theatre
October 20–24, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
October 27–31, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
November 3–7, New Vic, Newcastle-under-Lyme
November 10–14, Dukes Theatre, Lancaster
November 17–21, Liverpool Playhouse
November 24–28, The Viaduct, Halifax.

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