Peter Pan smashes box office records at Milton Keynes Theatre

Bradley Walsh, David Bedella & Flawless in Peter Pan.
Bradley Walsh, David Bedella & Flawless in Peter Pan.

The Bradley Effect has struck again. After all the pennies have been counted Milton Keynes Theatre has reported a record breaking pantomime season.

More than 82,000 people cheered, booed and applauded their way through 65 performances of Peter Pan by the time the last handful of fairy dust had been sprinkled over the auditorium and Bradley Walsh had perfected his pirate walk.

And what that adds up to, in terms of facts and figures, is a big plus for entertainer Walsh, David Bedella and Flawless, the whole company and theatre staff who made the 2014-15 Christmas show the most successful five-week panto run in the history of MKT.

What does that actually mean for the anoraks among you? Prepare yourself. ..

Imagine a bath tub. Now imagine 84 bath tubs in a row. Now close your eyes and fill each and every one of those bath tubs with ice cream. That’s 28,458 individual ice creams or 10,000 pints of the deliciously creamy mixture.

If panto is the kind of show where it’s positively encouraged to treat yourself then the refreshments sold throughout the run reflected that.

Audiences tucked into 900 tubs of pick-n-mix, 800 tubs of candy floss and a whopping 1,900 buckets of popcorn.

To wash all that down, 35,392 drinks were served up including 1,400 cups of Slush and 4,300 cups of much needed coffee for the grown-ups.

A small town in Lancashire could have been lit up for almost a week from the power harnessed from the 9,920 items of flashing merchandise that were sold.

And you’d need a pair of scales large enough to hoist a Mini or a polar bear aloft against the 8,000 bags (that’s one tonne) of chocolate that was sold.

Finally, if a Labrador puppy ran off with one end of the 162,000 metres of toilet paper that was got through over the 37 performance days, you’d have to chase it all the way to Sheffield. Because that’s over 100 miles of toilet roll!

Next Christmas Milton Keynes Theatre hopes for a record-breaking encore with Aladdin. Tickets are already being sold for the show, which runs from December 4 to January 10.

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