Prepared to be scared with Hammer House of Horror Live at Hoxton Hall.

So..Just how brave are you?

If, like me, you’re a fan of cult horror from iconic film studio, Hammer, then you’ll be up for an immersive overnight theatre experience that will frighten you half to death – or will you?

This October London’s Hoxton Hall plays host to Hammer House of Horror Live. Are you up for it?

In 1934, theatre owner Enrique Carreras and jewellery store owner and music hall performer William ‘Hammer’ Hinds formed a small film production company in London.

It was to become the foundation of one of the world’s most iconic film companies, Hammer, best known for its heart-stopping, terrifying Gothic horror classics including Dracula (1958), The Mummy (1959), and more recently the blockbuster hit Woman in Black (2012).

From October 3-31 (yes, that includes Halloween!) the undisputed home of horror will push boundaries and seduce audiences once again with the production of its first ever immersive theatre performance, Hammer House of Horror Live.

Created by some of the most experienced and exciting practitioners in immersive theatre, film and digital technology, this chilling new production will be based on an original script and set in and around a remarkable listed Victorian music hall, returning to the roots of one of Hammer’s founders.

A maximum of 200 brave souls a night will have the opportunity to witness a spell-binding vampiric ritual. The audience will be drawn from the vaults to the rafters of Hoxton Hall, dipping in and out of this other-world as they dare, before being led inexorably towards the night’s spectacular finale, where they will face the unimaginable.

A tense and intimate encounter, no two performances are the same, and no two audience experiences will be quite alike.

Tantalising, intoxicating and overwhelming, horror has never been so wickedly entertaining. Dare you buy a ticket?

Hammer House of Horror Live is for the Over 18s only. From October 3-31 at Hoxton Hall, 130 Hoxton Street, London.

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