Scena Mundi stages Volpone satire at Brockley Jack

Volpone at Brockley Jack

The Fox is about to be flushed out for the second time this year. Ben Jonson’s sizzling satire of greed and power, Volpone, is set to be unleashed at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre this autumn.

Scena Mundi Theatre Company is staging their production of this theatrical treat, which is currently enjoying an outing with the Royal Shakespeare Company, this September.

Volpone is a con extraordinaire, a cheat, a deceiver, a consummate actor, a wiry old fox and yet … ultimately, the biggest gull of all.

This rich and idle Venetian has one passion – his gold; two talents – deception and acting, and one favourite amusement – exposing the hypocrisy and greed of his fellow men.

With the help of his indefatigable servant Mosca, he pretends to be at death’s door in order to cozen the greedy parasites who gather around his deathbed in the hope of inheriting his fortune.

Ben Jonson’s exuberant satire of human greed is a feast of language and a triumphant ode to the art of acting.

Volpone, to be directed by Scena Mundi’s Cecilia Dorland, runs at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, from September 29-October 17.

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