Stars host storytime at The Globe’s winter Playhouse

Burning Pestle

For the first time in its history, Shakespeare’s Globe is offering theatre, music and spoken word productions throughout the winter – including a riotous Christmas show – thanks to the building of the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in its grounds.

Adele Thomas’s much-loved production of The Knight of the Burning Pestle and the Winter’s Tales will feature Penelope Wilton, Juliet Stevenson, Harriet Walter and Roger Allam.

Beaumont’s uproarious, experimental romp The Knight of the Burning Pestle returns to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse from December 11 to January 11.

The production has been newly reworked for the festive season. Once again it will star Pauline McLynn as the Citizen’s Wife, Phil Daniels as the Citizen and Matthew Needham as Rafe.

Opening as a bourgeois comedy of manners, the play swiftly disintegrates into a surreal, genre-defying caper when two members of the ‘audience’ invade the stage.

The result is a winning combination of salty prose, charming songs and meta-theatrical mayhem.

The Playhouse will also host musical and spoken word evenings throughout the winter, including the Winter’s Tales – a series of classic short stories read by candlelight by some of our finest actors, with live musical accompaniment.

Penelope Wilton

On December 21, Downton Abbey’s Penelope Wilton will read The Lady With The Little Dog and other Anton Chekhov stories.

BAFTA-nominated and Olivier Award-winning actress Juliet Stevenson will read The Garden Party and other Katherine Mansfield stories on December 22.

Roger Allam will read Odour Of Chrysanthemums and other D.H. Lawrence stories on December 28.

Roger Allam

On January 5, Olivier and Evening Standard Award-winning actress Harriet Walter will read The Birds and other Daphne du Maurier stories.

The line-up of exceptional actresses is complemented by Charlotte Rampling, who, with cellist Sonia Wieder-Atherton will present The Night Dances, an evening of Sylvia Plath’s haunting poetry and Benjamin Britten’s suites for cello, on December 15.

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