West End transfer to Trafalgar Studios for Kevin Elyot’s Coming Clean

The King’s Head Theatre revival of Kevin Elyot’s breakout play, Coming Clean, is transferring to the Trafalgar Studios, in London’s West End, in the New Year, it has been announced.

In 2017, Adam Spreadbury-Maher, artistic director of Islington’s King’s Head, directed the 35th anniversary production and the first London revival of Coming Clean (our ★★★★ review HERE) .

Coming Clean, which originally premiered at the Bush Theatre in 1982, looks at the breakdown of a gay couple’s relationship and examines complex questions of fidelity and love.

The play is set in a flat in Kentish Town, North London, in 1982. Struggling writer Tony and his partner of five years, Greg, seem to have the perfect relationship.

Committed and in love, they are both open to one-night stands as long as they don’t impinge on the relationship.

But Tony is starting to yearn for something deeper, something more like monogamy.

When he finds out that Greg has been having a full-blown affair with their cleaner, Robert, their differing attitudes towards love and commitment become clear.

In his foreword to Kevin Elyot: Four Plays, the playwright said: “From 1976 to 1984 I’d acted in several productions at the Bush Theatre, and Simon Stokes, one of the artistic directors, had casually suggested I try my hand at a play.

“I presented them with a script entitled Cosy, which was passed on to their literary manager Sebastian Born. He responded favourably and, largely through his support, it finally opened on 3 November 1982 under the [new] title Coming Clean.”

Written 12 years before his most famous play, My Night With Reg, Coming Clean won Elyot, who died in 2014, the Samuel Beckett Award for writers showing particular promise in the field of the performing arts.

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Coming Clean plays at Trafalgar Studios 2 from January 9 – February 2.

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