Woodland setting for National Theatre Wales WWI production


The National Theatre Wales is going out into the fields to commemorate World War I with Mametz, a production which will be staged in ancient woodland.

The piece is being written by Welsh poet Owen Sheers and will be performed near Usk, Monmouthshire.

Mametz will give audiences a vivid glimpse into life – and death – in the trenches and battlefields of the Somme.

Inspired by Sheers’ poem, Mametz Wood, it will draw on written material by some of the poets who fought in or witnessed one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Somme – The Battle of Mametz Wood, in which 4,000 of the 38th (Welsh) Division were killed or wounded.

Among the soldiers who took part were several key Welsh and English war poets, including Robert Graves, David Jones, Siegfried Sassoon and Llewelyn Wyn Griffith, and Sheers’ own great, great uncle, William Cross.

In Easter 2011, Owen wrote the script and novelisation (The Gospel of Us) for The Passion, National Theatre Wales and WildWorks’ production in Port Talbot starring and directed by Michael Sheen, and co-directed by Bill Mitchell.

Mametz will take place in Great Llancayo Upper Wood, near Usk from June 24 to July 5 (except Sundays).
Recommended for ages 14+

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