Brave Rula Lenska risks curse in supernatural The Frozen Scream

The Frozen Scream

BraveRula Lenska is defying a century-old curse to appear on stage in the chilling supernatural horror story, The Frozen Scream.

Based on the lost 1928 murder-mystery novel by CC Gilbert, The Frozen Scream tells the terrifying story of a group of 1920s partygoers who find themselves stranded at an abandoned lodge in the depths of winter.

Forced to entertain themselves, they begin to tell the tale of Jack Frost, the most terrifying of the Frost Giants.

But as the story takes a shocking twist, they discover they should have heeded the early warnings to ‘beware the ice’.

Surrounded by mystery and intrigue, the original novel was quick to receive critical acclaim but fell out of favour when a series of mysterious deaths led to the belief that the novel was cursed.

It is said that anyone who has come in contact with the book, from its publishers to the author herself, have mysteriously died in a number of ice-themed situations including accidentally drinking antifreeze, being locked in freezers, and being swept away in a freak ice storm whilst skiing.

Undeterred by these conspiracy theories, Olivier-award winning entertainer Christopher Green and one of the UK’s best-selling novelists, Sarah Waters, bring this largely unread work to the stage in an adaptation that will send shivers down your spine.

But is everything as it seems?

Said Christopher: “When I started thinking about the show, my ideas kept resonating with my memories of Sarah’s book, The Little Stranger.

“Having been a fan of Sarah’s work since reading Tipping the Velvet, I was very keen to collaborate with her.

“Although this feels like such a new way of working for us both, it’s remarkable how smooth the creative process has been so far.

“As long as the curse doesn’t kick in, we’ll be rocking, I reckon.

“I love to constantly surprise my audiences and the Frozen Scream will definitely do that, sending good old-fashioned chills up the spine!”

Sarah added: “Chris has been great to work with – really inspirational – and it’s been incredibly productive having someone to brainstorm with.

“I wasn’t sure how I’d take to writing for the stage. I’m a great theatre-goer, but plays and novels are such different things: working on The Frozen Scream was a bit of a leap into the dark for me.

“But it’s proved to be a real adventure, and tremendous fun. I’m thrilled to be working in a new medium, with such a talented writer and performer as Chris.

“I’m looking forward to giving our audiences some scares, and some fun. I’m also excited to be working in my homeland, Wales”.

Audiences are asked to come prepared, wear sensible shoes and, perhaps most importantly, to beware the ice.

The Frozen Scream plays Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, December 11-20 and Birmingham Hippodrome, January 7-17.

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