Mugs Arrows scores a bullseye at the Old Red Lion, Islington


Critically acclaimed theatre company Third Man Theatre has stepped up to the oche at the Old Red Lion, Islington for the first time with the London transfer of their new full-length show, Mugs Arrows.

The black comedy was developed, and received rave reviews, at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter as part of its residency programme in 2013.

Mugs Arrows delves in to a world that is on the change with rural areas being forever altered through commercial development and extreme weather conditions.

Locals are disenchanted by a lack of jobs and the ever-increasing allure of a life elsewhere.

It explores the depths of the human psyche, love, loss, friendship and darts, leading to hilarious, strange and ultimately disturbing results.

Just your average night out down the local then…

Set in a rural pub in North Derbyshire, Mugs Arrows follows two slightly odd locals (played by Rhys King and Eddie Elks) who enter the pub and begin to play darts.

They have been at a funeral of their best friend but when Sarah (Chiara Wilde) comes in wearing a wedding dress it is clear things are not quite as they seem.

As Sarah joins in the game, the action becomes odder and slowly more dangerous with surreal surprises along the way.

This production marks the return to the Old Red Lion of Ken McClymont who was former artistic director of the theatre from 1988-2001.

During his time he programmed more than 150 shows and directed over 40.

Newly appointed Old Lion artistic director Stewart Pringle said: “It’s fantastic to have Ken here to direct, and I look forward to hearing first hand about his remarkable time running this place.”

Mugs Arrows runs at the Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington until June 21.

To book tickets call the box office on 0844 412 4307 or visit

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