A bloody good laugh with Vampire Hospital Waiting Room

Vampire Hospital Waiting Room

Cult comedy B-musical Vampire Hospital Waiting Room thrilled audiences and critics alike at the Edinburgh Fringe and now it is to get its teeth into London audiences for a run at the new space Above the Arts Theatre.

Armed with a live score and nine original songs (including “Love is Like a Car Crash”), this low-budget horror movie musical had to extend its run at Edinburgh due to high audience demand!

This surrealist and unreservedly whimsical story follows handsome billionaire Arty Baldwin through a twisted single-act plot which finds him wheelchair-bound and comatose following a horrific car accident.

Luckily for Arty, he is soon wheeled into Dr Bloom’s waiting room. Unluckily for Arty, the good doctor is convinced his new patient is the Vampire Lord on his long-prophesised return to power. To be fair, he thinks that every Wednesday. But could he finally be right?

It is wonderfully and weird, laced with original songs and every few seconds you’re likely to be doubled over with laughter or grinning in adoration at the score.

It is being staged by Beach Comet, which was formed two years ago and is a theatre company dedicated to creating new comedy musicals.

Vampire Hospital Waiting Room was the first show and, following phenomenally successful workshops which sold out in both Edinburgh and London, the show premiered at the Fringe in 2013.

With ticket allocations selling out over an hour in advance and queues out the door, they scored crowds so large they had to open standing areas and add three late night extra shows.

Written by Theo McCabe and Craig Methven and directed by McCabe, Vampire Hospital Waiting Room runs at Above The Arts Theatre, from November 9-21.

Here’s a teaser from the original Fringe show:

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