A fresh slice of pie served by Lovett + Todd at the King’s Head

Lovett + Todd

Get ready for a piece of pie. Another Soup brings an immersive new musical version of the original Sweeney Todd story to the King’s Head Theatre this month.

Rebranded Lovett + Todd, and focusing more on the devious pie maker behind the cannibal plan, the company is inviting audiences to witness a drastic retelling of this haunting musical.

Having won various awards at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, this critically acclaimed production, under a new and rejuvenated guise, plays at the Islington venue from July 14-August 1.

Lovett + Todd will be performed by a group of six actor/musicians. The producers promise that this gore-fest will be truly interactive although, while I’m a pretty fair pie-maker, I do draw the line at blood-letting.

Directed by Dave Spencer Lovett + Todd will explore the ridiculous and bloody motives behind the infamous pie maker.

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