Another Soup puts up The Yellow Wallpaper at Clapham’s Omnibus Theatre

Dave Spencer and Another Soup return to headline Omnibus Theatre’s summer season, Whispers From The Walls, with a new adaptation of the classic Gothic short story, The Yellow Wallpaper.

Alice has not formed the correct bond with her baby. That’s what her doctor and husband say.

Isolated from her child, and banished to the country for ‘rest’, Alice falls further down the rabbit hole of her own mind. The wallpaper haunts her.

But is she really sick, or are there more sinister forces at play?

Based on the cult short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and adapted by Ruby Lawrence, Another Soup follows up the huge success of The Soul of Wittgenstein, with this haunting, cautionary tale for the modern age.

Updating the story, Ruby Lawrence shows the damage that we can do when we do not listen, and when we force our own narratives onto others.

The Yellow Wallpaper explores a broad range of subjects including misogyny, gaslighting, mental health, domestic abuse, politics and post-natal depression.

The production stars Charles Warner. More casting to follow.

Whispers From The Walls is a programme of work inspired by Omnibus Theatre’s heritage. The theatre is housed in an old library building, a former repository of books, a place of shelter and learning.

Ruby Lawrence is a writer and director from Yorkshire, a graduate of The Writing Squad, and has an MA in Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory from King’s College London. Her recent projects include Here and Now, directed by John Godber (part of Hull City of Culture 2017); This Is Me (travelling exhibition – Saatchi Gallery late April 2018); Pillow Talk (Camden People’s Theatre); and Skipping Lunch (short film – post-production).

Directed by Dave Spencer, who was associate director on the Olivier-nominated La Boheme at Trafalgar Studios, The Yellow Wallpaper plays at Omnibus Theatre from June 5-24.

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